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Still having doubts getting a professional detail? 

  • Is a complete car detail worth it?
    Absolutely! Keeping your ride clean and shiny provides an amazing satisfaction and makes you feel like the car runs better. It provides a new car feeling and it is likely to increase its resale value.
  • Does a new car need a detail?
    Yes! The best time to get your car detailed and protected when it is brand new. You can always find swirls on brand new cars due to poor washing techniques at the dealership and imperfections from the factory. Just with a one stage polish it can make a huge difference the paint appearance and once polishing is done, a ceramic coating can make the maintenance washes easy and fun. Ceramic coatings can provide protection up to 6 months and even few years depending on the coating. Coatings and fabric guard can also provide interior protection from everyday use. Below is an example of a brand-new car with only few miles on it; see before and after...
  • What is a ceramic coating, do I need it?
    The long-lasting protection is the main reason my clients choose a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a hard shell that will prevent water stains, bird droppings, road grime and other harsh chemicals that come in contact with the paint. Once ceramic coating has been applied and properly maintained, just with a normal wash at home with a hose the contaminants simply slide right off! Windshield ceramic coating increases safety, visibility in rain and enhances hydrophobicity. It will do a fantastic job or repelling water, dirt and grime off, meaning you won't be using your wipers as often. Hence prolong the age of wipers at the same time.
  • Difference between a regular wash / vacuum and a professional detail?
    We spend a lot of time in our rides and deep down we all want to keep our rides looking and smelling like a brand-new car; but life gets in the way and exterior gets scratchier and interior gets dirtier with questionable smells. Having said that, iDetailRides got you covered, and I provide maintenance detail packages. A normal car wash and vacuum makes your ride look shiny and clean, but most details are overlooked and there still scratches, haze left on the paint, and you may still find crumbs, fries and funny smell in the interior. Your ride is exposed to bunch of harmful contaminants every day. iDetailRides can prevent that from happening and prolonged the life of paint, vinyl, plastics, leather and the engine bay. My detail process may not be able to completely eliminate the depreciation of your ride, but it may help it deprecate at a much slower rate. Most detailing experts suggest, have your ride detailed every 3 to 6 months. Having said that, it is no body's business to tell you to keep your ride looking clean and shiny all the time!
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