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- My Motto - 

Every Detail Matters


At iDetailRides, I (Karar) believe there is a better way to do detailing and I'm obsessively passionate about it. It is my mission to remove swirls marks, scratches and those pesky water spots from your ride and make you fall in love again; because I'm CARazy...!

I searched the market in Richmond / Sugar Land area for a detail shop that shared my passion. Yes, there are car detailing and washing services around and some of them do a decent job; but attention to detail is still not their strong suit; so I decided to take matter into my own hands. From the sounds of "wow, your car is so shiny" motivated me to help out others with their detailing needs and since then (3 years running and gunning) I have evolved and grown my craft into a professional detailing service.   

iDetailRides, "should you choose to accept it"?

I Detail one ride at a time and pay full attention to every detail possible from top to the last spoke of the wheel.

I'm continuously learning, researching and testing industry leading auto detailing products to ensure I provide you the showroom results for your ride. I use high-end professional chemical products from reputable companies like CarProChemical Guys, GtechniqGyeonMeguiar's and many more!

TOOLs & Chemicals

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