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Protect Your Inve$tment!


iDetailRides provides professional detail services. Customer satisfaction lies at the center of every detail I do. I try to create a wonderful showroom finish with every ride I detail. I always aim to achieve the best results possible and to delight my clients with their transformed ride!

A car wash may remove some dirt from your car, but it won’t keep your car in pristine condition like a professional detail. Detailing not only cleans your car thoroughly, but it also protects your car’s paint and interior from natural elements and wear and tear. Detailing is important because it preserves your car’s value and appearance and saves you money in the long run.



I use high-quality products from trusted brands. Whether you need a maintenance wash or a deep polish, I have the right solution for your ride. Forget about waxing - my products will protect and shine your ride for months. 

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Craftsmanship is the soul of good work

This is why I do, what I do!

Hear from like-minded car enthusiasts that have utilized iDetailRides professional services.

Isaac - Richmond, TX

It is not every day you come across skill, knowledge or passion. Karar is the perfect combination of all three. On top of that, he is an example of customer service. From the moment we met his goal was to provide the best possible experience. He explained to me what he would do, the products he would use and the reasons why. I requested an interior-detailed package and the results were well beyond my expectations. Karar paid attention to every detail, missing nothing. He took the necessary time for the job to be done to perfection. He also kept me updated of the progress by text and pics throughout the whole process. When I received my car I was beyond words. Karar walked me through what he had done and gave me great advise on how to maintain the car. When I drove my car next day I had the same feeling as when you drive a new car out of the dealer. I am a customer of iDetailRides for life!


Gift: Get professional photos of your ride in stunning 'Detail'.
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